Our Management Team

Robert Judd

Operations Director, Head of Energy, Innovation and Regulation
Rob has extensive experience of the gas and energy industries worldwide, particularly UK, Europe and Asia. His work has focused on innovation and transformation of the energy system, particularly relating to the introduction of hydrogen and decarbonisation of energy networks.
He has led a number of projects covering aspects of both technical and commercial consultancy and was appointed to Singapore international advisory panels on Gas Research (2016), Energy (2019) and Gas Markets (2020).
In July 2012 Rob took on the role of Secretary General for the European Gas Research Group, which involves developing collaborative innovation strategies for the European Gas Industry, building new innovation projects, interfacing with policy makers and helping members prioritise needs in a continuously evolving energy and policy landscape. He is leading on elements of roadmap development for Hydrogen Europe and CEN.
Rob has BSc and PhD degrees in Chemistry and Physics and is Chartered Chemical Engineer (CEng).

Kevin Young

Director of Business Development, Head of Asset Integrity
With nearly 40 years’ experience in operational risk & integrity management of oil and gas facilities, Kevin has held responsibility for ensuring the integrity of Major Accident Hazard facilities through risk assessment, in-line inspection, defect management, corrosion control and emergency response. He has carried out numerous asset management gap analysis, safety case assessments, audits and failure investigations.
Working in UK, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand, he has carried out numerous asset management gap analysis, safety case assessments, audits and failure investigations. Kevin is a MBA qualified Management Consultant with skills in leadership, along with a developed understanding of organizational cultural and its influence on innovation and change.

Hilman Salleh

Business Development Asia, Head of Risk Advisory
Hilman is a Chartered Professional Engineer with more than 17 years experience working with clients across Asia.
He has extensive experience in Asset Integrity Management system set-up and implementation, Safety Case regime, Safety Critical Elements and Performance Standards implementation, Pressure Equipment, Boilers and Storage Tanks inspection, repair and maintenance. He has conducted various asset management, asset life extension, technical and safety audits in the oil and gas, petrochemical and energy industry.
Hilman has extensive operational experience implementing Asset Operational and Technical Integrity management system, Maintenance Optimisation and Performance Improvement, Process Safety Management, Safety Management Systems and Technical Due Diligence with FPSOs and Gas Plants where he was responsible for the integrity and day to day operability of the units.

Igor Nefedov

Business Development, Middle East and Africa, Head of Engineering
Igor has worked in the gas industry since 1996 as engineer and manager specializing in design, processing and operation. He has extensive international experience working in Russia, Central Asian countries, China, Serbia, Tanzania and Middle East. He has led front end engineering (FEED), development of pressure regulating stations, control and measurement systems, compressor units, metering skids, and gas treatment plants. Igor has also developed a number of significant projects in renewable energy and in metrology.

· Design and operations of various gas distribution and transmission networks
· Gas treatment and gas utilization systems
· Renewable gas technologies
· Pressure vessels, fuel and gas storages
· Feasibility and Life Cycle studies
· Development of various engineering Codes of Practice, Policies, guidelines
· Design of different facilities for LPG, SNG, Natural gas, CNG, LNG, Hydrogen custody transfer, analysis and processing.
· Front End Engineering and Design
· Instrumentation and Calibration systems

Haryani Mohamed

Administration Director
Haryani is skilled at office management, organisational change and human resource management. She oversees in the development and implementation of Innov8’s administration policies and best HR practices. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management from Edinburgh Napier University.