Realise the benefits of our expertise and experience of gas chain operations from upstream of the entry point of the network through to combustion and end use. Our consultants have between them decades of experience in gas operations, gas market development, downstream processes and regulatory and safety management, which can help to ensure that you make the most informed and risk optimised decisions.

Gas Network Project Development

Our consultants can work with you to build confidence in the feasibility of a new City Gas project, from feasibility through to engineering management, whether on a new greenfield site or in conversion from an existing network to natural gas or hydrogen. Elements of our offering include:

Network planning and management

Market assessment and development

Regulatory development

Safety Framework, environment and safety case build and review

Gas quality assessments and advisory, including advice on potentially hazardous substances, and processing requirements for compliance

Business structure optimization

Gas conversion and master planning

Regulatory, safety and environmental needs development

Gas Chain Advisory

Our consultants can bring value through understanding of the whole spectrum of gas technologies.

Safety and integrity, including emergency response

Pipeline materials

Combustion and downstream applications

End use technology – domestic, commercial and industrial

Natural gas vehicles – technoeconomic assessments and advisory

New markets and new technologies

Energy system convergence and renewable integration

Gas quality management and requirements for conventional and new gases

LNG as a fuel

Storage including diurnal and strategic

Integrity management and asset optimization and replacement planning

Our consultants have direct experience of operating and managing real gas distribution and transmission networks, and therefore understand the challenge faced by operators in ensuring the integrity and compliance of their networks. Specific skills include:

Environmental impact assessments

Safety framework development and compliance

Emergency response planning

Compliance assurance and quality assessments

Development and assessment of standard operating procedures

Incident investigation