We understand that asset owners face increasingly complex challenges managing the integrity of their assets and achieving maximum performance while minimising costs and maintaining the highest safety and environmental standards.


Asset Integrity Management

We have been delivering complex asset and integrity management services in highly technical and regulated environments for clients in all industries, as well as for governments and regulators

Asset Integrity Management Systems (AIMS) outline the ability of an asset to perform its required function effectively and efficiently whilst protecting health, safety and the environment and the means of ensuring that the people, systems, processes, and resources that deliver integrity are in place, in use and will perform when required over the whole life cycle of the asset.

Our consultants ensure that an asset is maintained in a fit-for-service condition throughout its life cycle in the most cost-effective, reliable, and safe manner. This includes and combines elements of quality assurance, lean, reliability-centered maintenance, risk-based inspection, operational excellence, performance improvement, maintenance optimisation, industry best practices, and continuous improvement – all with a strong emphasis on risk identification & management

List of Advisory Services

Asset Integrity Framework development & review:

Strategy & Planning

Decision Making

Organisation & People

Asset Information

Risk & Review

Lifecycle Delivery

Preparation for ISO 55001

Asset & Integrity Management system health check

Asset condition assessment

Lifecycle costing

Independent project review

Operational readiness review

Maintenance & inspection management strategy

Technical and Operational Integrity Management

Set-up, review, assurance, verification & audits

Failure/Corrosion risk assessments

Plant and Equipment Inspection

Life extension and remaining life studies

RBI, NII & IOW study

RCM study for rotating equipment

Gas pipelines and valves

Safety and Risk Management

In the wake of major accidents, compliance with legal safety requirements is no longer sufficient to satisfy stakeholders and society at large. We recognise the need for cost-effective safety and risk management drawing on previous experience and understanding their threats and opportunities.

We can assess and benchmark your operational procedures and culture against industry best practices.  Examples include staffing, equipment, systems, training and education, culture and values, policies and procedures, performance management, record management, management control, and quality assurance and audit.

Our consultants will assess and identify gaps against the findings and provide recommendations for improvements based on regulatory requirements, international standards, industry best practices, and our extensive experience.

List of Advisory Services

Safety Case Development

Safety Case review and audit

Safety management system set-up and review

Safety Culture study

HSEQ compliance audit

Emergency response preparedness

Crisis management

Incident and Failure investigation

Safety Critical Elements identification

Performance Standard development