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Asset Integrity

To ensure continuous improvement to an Asset and Integrity Management system, a gap analysis or health check was completed to assess and review the adequacy of the Client’s Asset and Integrity Management system and its alignment with ISO 55001 and industry best practices. A structured approach was developed to align Client’s Asset and Integrity management system to operational excellence, while at the same time, tailoring it to The Client’s unique situation. The approach was also adapted to Client’s wishes to include local cultures, standards and the maturity of the organization.


Working for the standards body of a major Asia Pacific economy, our consultants completed a review of all the national and international standards which could be impacted by the conversion of their gas networks to hydrogen. The work. became an integral part of the roadmap for introduction of hydrogen. This built on an even more extensive programme of work at European level. Our consultants continue to work on these issues at an international level and are at the forefront of understand the practicalities of the transformation of our energy system for a low carbon future.

Gas Network Development

Our consultants completed a complete network and market analysis for a middle-eastern national regulator to allow a decision to be made on conversion of domestic LPG supply infrastructure to a natural gas delivery system. This included a complete network build costing, a scenario-based supply and demand analysis, a market assessment as well as a phased development plan with complete regulatory and safety risk assessment. A detailed cost-benefit model was also developed.


Our consultants worked with a national energy regulator to determine the changes that were needed to the market rules or network code to allow the introduction of LNG into the local natural gas network. The work was further extended to determine how this would impact on the operational philosophy of the network, and ultimately the structure of the gas business, including division of responsibilities between system. operator and asset owner.

Gas Quality

Our consultants led a complete analysis of the techno-economic factors which determined the pathways for extending the national gas quality specifications to allow harmonisation with the quality of new import sources (LNG) and export markets. This was used to compare with the cost of modifying the complete appliance base (domestic, commercial and industrial) versus treatment of incoming gas (for example ballasting with nitrogen) to match current specifications. This was used as a decision tool to inform the national strategy for gas quality.

Safety Management

Our consultants worked with our client to develop an integrated corporate Emergency Response & Crisis Management (ERCM) Framework for LNG shipping, bunkering and trucking operations and PNG commercial operations. An integrated corporate ERCM Framework was developed bespoke to the client, ERCM awareness training was provided to all staff and in-depth Crisis Management Training & Scenario Testing was completed. This was followed by a decision support tool and a complete handbook for implementation.

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